How to hang a Macrame ?

how to hang a macrame

Have you made your Macrame or have you ordered one and don’t know how to hang it? You are on the right article!

In fact, you will find in this article some original ideas for the location of your Macrame but also some methods to hang it.

If you want to make your next Macrame or get a new model, don’t hesitate to discover our DIY Collection and our Macrame Wall collection.

How to hang a Macrame from Atelier Macrame shop

Depending on the type of Macrame you have, the methods for hanging it will differ.

In fact, if your Macrame is a plant hanging or a wall Macrame, the technique will be different. We will explain how to drill your ceiling or wall but also methods to hang your decoration without drilling like with the tape hook.


Hanging plants are often hung from the ceiling. So, we will explain how to drill a hole in your ceiling.

Of course if you do not want to drill your ceiling, there are other alternatives described below.

In fact, to hang a hanging plant, you can drill a ceiling, put in a hook adhesive tape attachment, hang on a piece of furniture or put on a curtain rod.

Piercing a ceiling

First of all, you need to make sure you are safe and prepare your work surface.

How to hang a Macrame - drill

So, prepare the materials you need :

  • Drill to be able to drill your ceiling;
  • A drill bit to drill the hole;
  • A dowel to put in the hole to be able to put a hook;
  • A hook to hang the suspension;
  • Pencil to mark the ceiling;
  • A tape measure to choose the location of your hole;
  • A stepladder to reach the ceiling;
  • An extension cord because most of the time, the wire of the drill is not long enough to reach the electrical outlet and the ceiling ;
  • A sheet, tarp or newspaper to avoid dust on your floor;
  • A suspension Atelier Macrame ;
  • Your plant. If you want plant ideas, feel free to check out our blog post on easy to maintain plants.

And don’t forget to take protective equipment :

  • Protective goggles
  • Protective helmet

Before starting work, lay out a tarpaulin or newspaper on the ground to avoid dust as long as it is laid out correctly. Indeed, if the tarpaulin or sheet moves or crumples, it will be of no use.

Don’t forget also to equip yourself with safety protections such as goggles and a mask for dust.

Then it’s up to you to choose the perfect location for your hanging. If you’re short of ideas, you can find a paragraph of original locations for your Macrame below.

When you’ve chosen your location with your tape measure, you can write a mark on where the Macrame will hang.

Choosing the Peg

Before you make your hole, you need to put a drill bit on the drill. The drill bit should be the same size as the dowel you are going to put in.

So, you need to choose the dowel to choose the drill bit.

You need to choose your dowel according to the weight of the suspension.

How to hang a macrame drill dowel


So weigh everything that is going to be hung: the macrame hanging, the flower pot and the plant so you can choose.

After choosing your peg, you can drill the hole with the drill bit.

Then you can put your peg and hook in.

There are thousands of hooks on the market in different shapes and colours and that can withstand any weight.

The advice we can give you is to choose a hook that can withstand a lot of weight. For the design, it’s up to you.

 Hanging your suspension

You can finally hang your suspension. If you are looking for beautiful Macrame hangers, you can check out our collection.


To hang a wall Macrame, you can hang it directly into the wall. So, to drill the wall, the principle is the same as for drilling the ceiling which we detailed above. However, you can also just hammer a nail in and attach your Macrame.

We also have other options for being able to hang a wall Macrame without drilling a wall.

How do you attach a wall Macrame without drilling? 

In fact, you want to avoid making holes in your house or flat to avoid damaging it but you still want to decorate your interior in bohemian style, it is now possible to avoid drilling. So here are our solutions:

Fixing a hanging without drilling

  • The adhesive tape hook is great if you want to hang your Macrame or other high up without drilling. They come in all shapes and colours and can carry a number of weights. We were able to find adhesive hooks on the market that can carry a weight ranging from 0.5 kg to 5 kg.
  • On a piece of furniture: You can hang flower hangers on clothes racks for example. You can actually hang it on any piece of furniture you want as long as it has a hook or a bar. Thus, it is possible to hang it on a bed with bars like our Macrame decoration.
  • On a curtain rod: In fact, you can use curtain rods by hanging plant hangers. It’s an original use but one that works.

Where to buy Macrame?

If you want to make your own Macrame, you can find on our site a DIY collection where you will find all the materials you need to create.

In fact, you will find ropes of all materials, diameters and colours, as well as beads and complete kits to help you.

Feel free to send us your creations with Atelier Macrame material.

Also, if you don’t want to make one yourself you can discover a beautiful Macrame collection that you can easily hang with the wonderful tips above.

Where to put a macrame?

If you’re running out of ideas for where to put your Macrame, we’ve got some great original ideas to sublimate and enhance your Macrame. You already know you can hang them on the wall or ceiling so here are some new ideas: 

how to hang a Macrame

  • A door: you can put your Macrame on a door to decorate it. No more simple white doors!
  • A window: you can put your Macrame on your window to let the light in your home nicely. Many dream catchers are put on a window because of its origin and meaning. You can find more explanation on our dream catcher blog post.
  • A garden: on nice days, you can hang a Macrame in your garden on a tree for example to have a garden that stands out from your neighbours!
  • On a piece of furniture: you can hang a Macrame on any piece of furniture. You can hang a small Macrame on a handle of a chest of drawers to decorate it for example.

Get your creativity going and don’t hesitate to share them with us!


In conclusion to hang a Macrame, you have several options: drill a ceiling or a wall with our precious tips, hang on a piece of furniture, a curtain rod, a window, a door or hang on a wall with an adhesive hook. Choose according to your preferences and the look you want!

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