Cleaning of Carpets and other Macrame

cleaning of carpets and other macrame

Did you buy a Macrame on our shop or did you make it yourself and don’t know how to maintain it?

You are on the right article.

I will explain you how to maintain it weekly to avoid dust and also how to give a real clean to your Macrame.

You will learn that you can clean your carpet or other by hand or in the washing machine and also how to remove stubborn stains with white vinegar. 

Of course if you did not buy it on our site, look at the instructions of your Macrame or other fabrics. But a priori, these tips are good for all Macrame.

The tips below also apply to other fabrics and not just Macrame. 

The answers to the most asked questions are below.

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How do you clean your carpet? Atelier Macrame Image of Atelier Macrame products

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Is Macrame fragile? 

Macrame, of any kind, is not fragile like lace could be for example. Macrame is very resistant, it does not deform or fray. As you will have noticed, Macrame is made with very good quality cotton threads.

How to maintain your Macrame? How to maintain a carpet? 

During your daily or weekly cleaning, the following tips are applicable:

I advise you to dust your Macrame with a feather duster to avoid dust clusters whatever the Macrame is: wall Macrame, floral hangers, light fixtures etc. For carpets, vacuuming at maximum power will suffice.

Also if you can shake it into your garden or out the window from time to time, it’s great for removing dirt.


For a more thorough cleaning, you can wash your Macrame in different ways:

  • Washing machine cleaning:

Macrame can be machine washed at 30°C in a small net. The small net ensures that the Macrame strings do not get caught in the machine drum.

Depending on whether your Macrame piece is substantial or not, wring out the Macrame well to avoid weighing it down.

Also, avoid using too much detergent. Prefer a natural soap like Marseille soap, black soap etc. Or a specific product for cords.

If your piece is not machine washable because it is large or made of other materials that are not machine washable, you can wash it by hand.


  • Hand washing:

If you’re worried about putting your Macrame in the washing machine, you can wash it by hand. Prefer a natural soap like Marseille soap etc. Or use a specific product for ropes. You can brush it gently to remove any stains. Don’t forget to wring it out well.

How to clean your carpet? Atelier Macrame Washing Machine

How to remove stains with white vinegar?

For Atelier Macrame, the best solution to remove stains from a Macrame carpet but also from other surfaces such as a curtain, a cushion etc. is white vinegar.

Preparation of the mixture for 1L:

– 500ml white vinegar (or spirit vinegar) which you can find in supermarkets very easily.

– 500ml of warm water. The heat will make the white vinegar more effective. However, be careful of the vinegar vapour that escapes.

– If you don’t like the smell of the mixture, you can macerate orange peels or other fruits.

Then, you take a sponge or brush soaked in the vinegar mixture and clean the stubborn stains one by one. In addition, you can clean the entire carpet to revive its colour. You will rinse with water at the end. 

How to remove stains with white vinegar? Macrame workshop

Can fabrics in the home (curtains, carpets etc.) warp?  

Macrame, for example, cannot warp because Macrame is not made from fragile materials even after many machine washes.

The colours of our Macrame are of very good quality so the colour cannot be altered. We still advise you to wash the Macrame at 30°C with a natural detergent to avoid any risk and to preserve our planet!

 How to give a bright colour back to a carpet or others? 

Uncoloured fabrics, as with other materials of the same colour, often tend to lighten, or pull towards white. For some, this is an advantage and for others a disadvantage.

Grandmother’s secret: for those who want to refresh their ecru coloured fabric and give it back its original colour, you can bathe your carpet or other in water with brewed tea. In terms of quantity, you can use about 4 tea bags for a 5 litre bucket.


I hope these tips will help you take care of your Macrames. If you have any tips from your experiences, please feel free to share them. You can find Macrame but also materials for DIY Macrame on our shop.

How to clean your Macrame? Macrame Umbeline Carpet Workshop

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