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macrame idea

Have you run out of DIY ideas for a macramé? Here are some original ideas you would never have thought of! DIYs ranging from chandeliers to mirrors to handbags.

To make your most beautiful DIYs, we have a wonderful collection of cords and beads on Atelier Macramé.

Lustres in macramé 

Original idea to dress up your interior with macramé touches on your lights. Today, the decorations that the market offers are cold Scandinavian-style decorations with wood, metal, and hard lines. In a cold décor, the addition of a macramé chandelier in natural fibre brings warmth and softens the straight lines of your decoration. It is an original and very interesting mix. This mix can be done with other decorations than chandeliers like a carpet for example. You can find macramé chandeliers on our shop.

    Diy Macramé Idea Macramé Workshop Chandelier 

    Macramé Handbag 

    Macramé is a great idea to create your own fashion accessories but also to refresh abandoned accessories in your wardrobe!

       Diy Macramé Bag Idea Atelier Macramé

      Macramé Toilet Paper Dispenser 

      Be original (right down to your fingernails) all the way to the toilet! Quick and easy DIY idea to make. A piece of wood and a few centimetres of string and it’s done.

         Idea Diy Macramé Toilet Paper Dispenser Macramé Workshop

        Macramé Mirror 

        To dress up the face of a mirror nothing better than macramé! Decoration that you will not find at any other person, no more the same decoration coming from the Swedish brand!  Discover the mirrors from Atelier Macramé.

           Idea Diy Macrame Mirror Macrame Workshop

          Macrame Lamp Wire Cover 

          Some wires sticking out of your TV or computer? No need to spend thousands of dollars on wire covers! Original idea: hide your wires by dressing them up with strings and beads. 

             Idea Diy Macramé Cache Fil Atelier Macramé

            A Christmas tree decoration 

            Hungry for a change for your tree? Make your own decorations. No more red and gold baubles!

               Diy Macramé Christmas tree decoration idea Macramé Workshop

              Macramé hammock 

              We’re tackling the heavy lifting! Hammocks are expensive in the shops, why not make your own?

                 Diy Idea Macramé Hammock Atelier Macramé

                A rug 

                It’s hard to find rugs in the shops that suit your tastes, why not make it yourself? It will be the size and shape you want!

                  Idea Diy Macramé Carpet Atelier Macramé 

                  A headboard 

                  Weary of the white wall you use to lean on? The bespoke macramé headboard is ideal for dressing up the room.

                     Idea Diy Macramé Headboard Atelier Macramé


                    For your summer parties! To avoid having marks on your wooden tables: easy to make coasters is a very good idea.

                       Diy Idea Macramé Coaster Atelier Macramé

                      Bed top 

                      To go with your headboard or to dress your sheets.

                         Diy Idea Macramé Bed Top Atelier Macramé

                        Macramé to dress up chairs 

                        During a party such as a wedding or on a daily basis for furniture. This is this year’s trend for weddings!

                           Diy Macramé idea for dressing (wedding) chairs Atelier Macramé

                          After you’ve had your fill of ideas for your designs, we invite you to admire our collection of strings and beads or continue reading with our article: Which Wire for Macramé?

                          If you want a part 2, don’t hesitate to tell us!”

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