Easy care houseplants

easy care houseplants

 You buy one of our floral hanging baskets or a Macrame pot cover, but you don’t know which plants to put in it?

You’re on the right article!

I’m going to give you a list of plants that are easy to care for and will look great on a hanging, basket or (Macrame!) shelf.

Plants are unique decorative elements that will bring your home to life. Easy to care for hanging plants are: Ceropegia, Rhipsalis, Senecio Rowleyanus and Sedum Burrito. The other indestructible houseplants: Oxalis Triangularis, Lucky Bamboo, Sansevieria Trifasciata and Caladium.

I would like to remind you that a plant is a living being so it still needs to be taken care of. The plants that I am going to present to you have, certainly, need less attention than others but you will have to bring it the nutrients it needs!

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Hanging plants:

  • The Ceropegia

This plant is a drooping plant with heart-shaped leaves that can be green but also pink. It can be met on a suspension or on top of a piece of furniture.

What it needs:

It needs lots of light. Choose a bright room or a balcony as it likes direct light.

It is a plant that likes drought so moderate watering between 8 and 15 days is more than enough. Also, you can clean the leaves by spraying water on its foliage, it loves that!

From 3 to 20€ approximately

Toxic for animals. If the plant is placed high do not let the stems panders much so a dog or cat will not catch them.

Easy Care Plants - Ceropegia - Macrame Workshop

  • The Rhipsalis

The Rhipsalis is a drooping cactus so perfect for a hanging and very original.

A plant that needs lots of light. It is a cactus that comes from a tropical zone so do not put it in a room where the temperature is below 8°C.

Moreover, despite being a cactus, it needs a consequent humidity level. Especially during the growing season. It will therefore need to be watered between once and twice a week.

From 15 to 50 €

Non toxic for animals but always check with your vet depending on your pet’s species.

Easy Care Plants - Rhipsalis - Atelier Macrame

  • Senecio Rowleyanus

A drooping plant that looks like little weights.

This is a plant that needs a lot of light and can be put in direct sunlight. If it is not exposed enough, it will tell you by dropping its leaves! It can be put on a veranda without any problem.

It likes dryness, so you can forget about it and water it every month which is enough.

From €5 to €20

Toxic to animals. If the plant is placed high do not let the stems hang down much so a dog or cat will not catch them.

Easy Care Plants - Senecio Rowleyanus - Atelier Macrame

  • The Sedum Burrito

The Sedum is again a droopy plant. I think it is one of the easiest drooping plants to care for.

It can be placed indoors as well as outdoors and needs lots of light.

Moreover, its leaves are waterlogged so there is no need to water it often. It has reserves! Once or twice a month is enough.

From 10 to 15€

Non-toxic to animals but always check with your vet depending on your pet’s species.

Easy Care Plants - Sedum Burrito - Macrame Workshop 

Plants that stand

  • ☘️Oxalis Triangularis

This is a plant where at nightfall the clovers fold up. Of course, the clovers reopen in the morning!

Like Ceropegia, this plant likes light, so favour a bright room but it does not like direct light.

This is a plant that needs to stay in humidity from spring to autumn. Once winter arrives, if you water it every 7-10 days, that’s enough.

From 5 to 15€ approximately

Non-toxic to animals but always check with your vet depending on your pet’s species.

Easy Care Plants - Oxalis Triangularis - Macrame Workshop

  • Lucky bamboo

I feel like I’m repeating myself but it’s also a plant that needs light! If it doesn’t get enough, it will turn yellow!

It is a plant that needs its roots immersed in water, so add water every week!

I often find this plant in bathrooms.

From 5 to 15€

Toxic to animals.

Easy-to-care-for plants - The Lucky Bamboo - Macrame Workshop

  • The Sansevieria trifasciata

The Sansevieria is a plant whose foliage absorbs pollutants such as benzene. Ideal for purifying the air in your home naturally.

A plant that likes the sun or not. You can put it anywhere you like. It remains a plant so you still need a minimum of light.

You can water it once a month, it is not temperamental. If you see its leaves changing colours, losing their stripes, the plant needs water.

About €10 to €30

Toxic to animals.

Easy Care Plants - Sansevieria trifasciata - Macrame Workshop

  • The Caladium

The Caladium is a plant with foliage of many colours. It is a show-stopping plant that many people enjoy. However, Caladium is the most temperamental one I present in this article.

To keep the vivid colour of Caladium, place your plant under a soft light. It should not be in direct contact with sunlight.

Caladium needs a fairly high level of humidity. Thus, make sure that the soil of this plant remains moist all year round. In addition, it needs clear water sprayed on its leaves every day.

From about €10 to €40

Toxic to animals.

 Easy-to-care-for plants - Caladium - Workshop Macrame

I hope you have found your happiness with our article. To dress up your plants you can add pot covers. In addition, hanging plants look very nice on floral hangers. Macrame pot covers and floral hangers are available in our shop.


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