Macrame Workshop is first and foremost a history of passion.

A passion for vintage, for decoration and its flea markets, for fashion and its thrift shops, a passion for Macrame.

I discovered Macrame weaving one day in June. Janis Joplin was singing “Summertime” on my old radio cassette. The streets of my town were bustling, teeming with people. My eye was caught by a woman in the square of the Popes’ Palace. She was sitting on the steps and weaving. A piece of unparalleled beauty and complexity. Her hands flew from knot to knot on her work with disconcerting ease. I could only approach and ask her about it. What on earth was she doing that was so intriguing? Macrame! She replied, with a smile on her face.

After this meeting, I fell under the spell of this ancestral art that was weaving. I started looking for pieces to support my collection. I scoured the internet, then every decoration shop, flea markets and sales depots. I found little weaving and when I finally came across a Macrame, the pieces were small, outdated or beyond my means. Macrame was a closed and inaccessible world.

I then began to create my own pieces. It was a rewarding but tedious passion. When several people around me told me of their disappointments in acquiring weavings, I had an idea.

Why not create my own online shop to make Macrame accessible to all enthusiasts. Whether it’s fashion, decoration, vintage or DIY, there would be something for everyone!” After several years of reflection, research and hard work, “L’Macrame Workshop” was born. And with it, the achievement of a lifetime.

Now, Macrame Workshop has more than a thousand customers sharing a common passion, a hundred or so references of the most varied kinds around our universe and a strong commitment to both professionals and individuals.

We have at heart to respect quality requirements and affordable prices. This is why we present you with products at the forefront of the trend and a catalogue that is regularly renewed. Our Macrames are hand-woven and a rigorous control is applied on our production line in order to be able to satisfy you fully.

We have, through our constant efforts, become the number one reference for Macrame throughout France! We no longer count the shop windows, businesses as well as your homes decorated with our products. We also provide supplies such as rope, wooden beads or supports to many DIY workshops.

Macrame Workshop is proud of this achievement, which is only possible, thanks to your unfailing support.

Thank you!

The Macrame Workshop