The Best Bohemian Chic Trips

the best bohemian chic trips

A bohemian trip is a trip where one seeks a disconnection from the modern world, a disconnection from the everyday. A trip where one savours the simple pleasures of life. For this, the destinations of these trips must be quite secret, intimate, confidential, still preserved from mass tourism.

The addresses I am going to mention are intimate places where you may not know them. We will travel to Europe, Africa and of course Latin America. In fact, the top 5 bohemian travel destinations are in Portugal, Turkey, Madagascar, Mexico, Brazil and even at home!

Chic Travel #1: Azores – Portugal

Well-hidden islands in the Atlantic off Portugal with lush and relaxing nature are beautiful places for a romantic weekend or week. As an activity, you can visit the Lake of Fire or the lagoa do Fogo which is a lake nestled in the crater of a volcano. To reach it, a hike is in order!

These islands are considered the largest cetacean sanctuary in the world. As such, you will be able to encounter dolphins and whales and all other species of marine life. 

Bohemian Chic Travel - Azores Portugal - Macrame Workshop

Chic Travel #2: Alaçati – Turkey

Alaçati is a Turkish commune in the province of Izmir. This ancient village with its mills dating back over 150 years is a new destination for travellers looking for a break from the world. You can wander through the small streets of this village to survey all the small local shops with a flea market style. Its powerful wind makes this village one of the best kiteboarding spots ♀️ in Europe for beginners and experienced alike.

Bohemian Chic Trip - Alacati Turkey -Macrame Workshop

Bohemian Trip #3: Nozy Komba – Madagascar

Nozy Komba is a small volcanic island in the northwest of Madagascar, between Nosy Be and the Grande Terre. This island is also called the Lemur Island , it offers a peaceful haven where only nature is present. You will find neither road nor electricity in this place. Ideal to cut yourself off from the modern world.

The activities you can do is a hike to reach the highest point of the island at 620m but also swim in blue water where the marine life will offer you a wonderful show.

Bohemian Chic Travel - Nozy Komba - Macrame Workshop

Bohemian Chic Travel #4: Tulum – Mexico

Tulum is a city located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yacatan Peninsula. This city is known for its remains of an ancient Mayan city. Even though the town is quite touristy, it has managed to keep its original bohemian, simple, and Mayan spirit. You can rent a villa on the edge of the white sandy beach. Moreover, you can find very good restaurants some even starred where the marine fauna is honoured. If you go a little further into the country, you can visit the jungle with its ancient Mayan sites and lush nature.

Bohemian Chic Travel - Tulum Mexico - Macrame Workshop

Bohemian Chic Travel #5: Trancoso – Brazil

Trancoso is a city in the state of Bahia in Brazil. Trancoso is a former fishing village , now known for its beaches. However, even though it has attracted the attention of many internationally, it has maintained an ecological appeal. Leave Rio for the tourists and visit Trancoso, in a magical place where rainforests meet beaches, mangroves and a small village overlooked by a bright white church protected by Unesco.

Bohemian Chic Journey - Trancoso Brazil - Macrame Workshop

Sixth bonus destination: at home with our shop’s decoration!

In fact, make yourself a piece of bohemian paradise at home to disconnect from your daily life. Tapestry, decorating accessories, hangings in Macrame and dream catchers are available on Atelier Macrame. Make your home a confidential place to relax, recharge and get inspired for your many projects.

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