Quick and easy manual activity

quick and easy manual activity

Are you a creative soul and don’t know how to keep yourself busy? We are going to propose you some original manual activities that you don’t know yet !

Do you know the diamond embroidery, the Macrame or the custom tote-bag.



One of our original handmade activity ideas is diamond embroidery also called diamond painting.

Diamond Embroidery

The diamond embroidery is simply a mix between classic embroidery (in cross stitch) and numbered colouring sets letting the design appear at the end. Indeed, you choose an image that will be cut into several parts with numbers and letters. Each legend corresponds to a diamond colour. When you have finished gluing all your diamonds, the chosen design will appear all rhinestone ready to be framed.

You can choose images directly offered or customize your embroidery with more personal photos.

Diamond Embroidery Workshop

We want to share with you a great discovery related to this activity! Indeed, it is a superb site with the theme: ” Diamond Embroidery “! You will find there a whole panel of Diamond Embroidery in the theme Disney, floral, animals and even personalities! In addition, Atelier Broderie Diamant offers customizable diamond embroideries to put your own drawings or photographs. All diamond embroideries have complete kits included with glue, spatula and diamond container. So the Atelier Broderie Diamant shop has an incredible range of products !




Another idea for a manual activity we can offer you: Macrame. Macrame is the art of knot tying to make a multitude of creations from a wall hanging, to floral hangings or even curtains or cushions. All you will need is yarn and your hands to beautifully tie knots. The superposition of knots and threads will make beautiful designs appear. You can decorate your Macrame with pretty beads. This way you can create bohemian decorations or even jewellery for yourself and your friends. This activity is very relaxing and allows you to improve your concentration because you will cut with the screens and this art is quite meticulous.

We offer you on the shop Atelier Macrame of kits Macrame with spools of thread, beads, wooden sticks, tutorials and fasteners to make your most beautiful Macrames whether you are a beginner or an experienced one.



Customize a Tote Bag

To have unique bags for every day, there is nothing better than making them yourself. You can customize totes bags or even other plain bags with a multitude of things. We will give you some ideas…

So, a plain coloured tote bag can be easily found in the shops and you can customize it in different ways:

  • If you can draw well, take poscas and make your best creations on one side of the bag or on the whole bag.
  • You can take Fabric Glue and glue rhinestones and sequins on your bag
  • Soul of a seamstress, you can sew your own ideas onto the tote bag.

Freely let your imagination run wild to customize your bag, don’t hesitate to give your ideas in comments!


Painting Pebbles

After a good hike near your home, pick up some nice, large stones on your path preferably flat. You can then paint them to have a unique decoration almost free at home.

You can do this activity with children to allow them to develop their creativity.

To make it easier for you, there are paint markers on the market if you are less comfortable with the brush! For custom, you can also use glitter, thread etc.

So all that’s left is your pebble and your imagination!


We hope you enjoyed our original craft ideas, which are diamond embroidery, Macrame, tote bag and pebble ” custom “. Don’t hesitate to give your ideas in the comments. We will probably do a part 2 !

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